Scanner CAlibration ReaSonably Easy

SCARSE is a tool that performs color calibration on scanned images. This is done by analyzing a reference image whose color composition is known. A color mapping is calculated from the data which is generated by the scanner and the desired color composition. This color mapping can then be applied to all images scanned with this scanner. SCARSE has been developed by Andrei Frolov. Please see the SCARSE homepage for more details.
Scarse 0.2-alpha needs TIFF-files as input. To use it with (x)scanimage from SANE, a PPM-input is needed. A patch to scarse 0.2-alpha that adds it can be dowloaded below. The patch is not required for scarse 0.3-alpha. It has the PPM-input already included.
Patches for Scarse 0.2-alpha:

The patch to SCARSE allows to read ASCII and binary PPM files. Moreover support for some kind of 16 bit binary PPM is included (netpbm only defines 8 bit binary PPM with maxval 255). If maxval is greater than 255, two bytes per channel are read. Byte ordering is the byte ordering of the local machine. This is what (x)scanimage can create with the above patches.

This is a sample what scarse can do:

Image as scanned
data from scanner

Image after color mapping with SCARSE
after color mapping

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