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hp backend

The HP scanner backend of SANE is based on the newhp backend by Geoffrey T. Dairiki. It has been added to the SANE package in SANE V1.00. The backend can handle scanners that support SCL, Hewlett Packards Scanner Control Language. Usually all HP scanners with a SCSI-interface support SCL. Some scanners with parallel port interface or USB are using SCL too. But most of the newer models with USB do not support SCL and thus are not supported by the hp backend. For more information about the supported scanners see the frequently asked questions.


The frequently asked questions regarding the hp-backend are answered here.


Before downloading any software make sure you have read the notice of warranty.

What's new


A simple tool for sending various HP-SCL commands to a HP-scanner. This is for someone who wants to try out how the scanner responds to these commands. Or just to test the communication without having the complete SANE package included. It can be used for a lot of things from inquiring front button states up to starting scans and saving data as PPM file. It is very low level and the HP-SCL documentation should be on hand. But a short description is included. You will find also a sample shell script hpwait which waits for a button to be pressed. Depending on the button that has been pressed, different actions are started.
For download see below.


This is a tool which inquires the supported SCL-commands from the HP-scanner and prints a list.

Both tools work only for SCSI scanners, parallel port scanners supported by the ppSCSI-driver, scanners accessed via the PTAL library (thanks to David Paschal) and USB-scanners.

Downloading Tools

Both tools with Linux/386 executables, sources and documentation (67KB).

Example printouts can be viewed for
HP ScanJet 2c
HP ScanJet 2p (by Andreas Neuper)
HP ScanJet 3c (by Markus Mohr)
HP ScanJet 4c
HP ScanJet 4p (by Pierluigi)
HP ScanJet 5p (firmware date 3638)
HP ScanJet 5100C (firmware date 3740, by Dave Gilbert)
HP ScanJet 5200C (firmware date 3846, by Audin Malmin)
HP ScanJet 6200C (firmware date 3828)
HP ScanJet 6250C (lever pos. 1, no paper in ADF, firmware date 3828, by Christoph Biardzki)
HP ScanJet 6250C (lever pos. 3, paper in ADF)
HP ScanJet 6250C (lever pos. 3, no paper in ADF)
HP ScanJet 6350C
HP PhotoSmart Photoscanner (firmware date R029)
HP PhotoSmart Photoscanner (firmware date R030)
HP PhotoSmart Photoscanner (firmware date R032)
HP PhotoSmart Photoscanner (firmware date R032, set to 30bit data width)
HP OfficeJet Pro 1150C (by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet Pro 1170C (by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175C (1170C with ADF, by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet R40, PSC500 (by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet R60, R80 (by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet G55 (by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet G85 (G55 with ADF, by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet K60, K80 (by David Paschal)
HP OfficeJet V40 (by David Paschal)
HP D155xi (by James H. Cloos)
HP PSC 750/950 (by David Paschal)

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