Add-ons for NetPBM

Additional PNM tools

The NETPBM-toolbox is a collection of programs to manipulate raster images. Different raster formats can be converted to a simple representation of bit-, gray- and true color-images. This PBM, PGM and PPM-format can then be manipulated with several tools. The PNM-formats can also be converted back to the mostly used raster formats. Sources of the NETPBM-toolbox are available for example at SourceForge.
The additional tools which have been located here for download are now integrated into the NETPBM-toolbox. They have been adapted, enhanced and renamed by Bryan Henderson. Have a look at the table how they are named now or which tool to use instead.

Previous name Current name Description
ppmtotxt ppmtoarbtxt Convert a PPM-file to any other ASCII-format. Specifying a skeleton for the header, body and tail of the file, you can generate for example a POVRAY scene file.
pgmmap - Generate a false color image from a PGM-file. Give several colours to which the range from black to white is to be mapped.
Note: pgmmap is not needed any more. Use pamlookup instead.
pnmedge pamedge Edge detect a PNM-file. Same as pgmedge, but also for color images.
Note: pamedge replaces pgmedge and pnmedge.
ppmcirc ppmwheel Generate a color wheel. Just for testing color facilities.

You can download the old sources (11KB) or the old executables (35KB) for Linux/386. But it should be better to install the current NETPBM-toolbox.

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