A visit to my home town

Here are some panoramic views of my home town Mainz. Click on the images to get a larger version.

A view from the west:

Panoramic view of Mainz

Mainz, viewed from the south, where the river Main (right side of image) meets the Rhine:

Mainz viewed from the south

Mainz, viewed from the north

Mainz viewed from the north

Two views from the east. The river in front is the Rhine:

Mainz viewed from east (part 1) Mainz viewed from east (part 2)

Mainz at sunset:

Mainz at sunset

Wednesday evening light pollution:

Wednesday evening light pollution

More informations about Mainz can be found on the official homepage.

Blowing up old parts of the KMW Mainz-Wiesbaden power plant
2004-03-20 (2.1 MB MPEG2-video)
2004-08-14 (2.4 MB MPEG2-video)

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