Plug-ins for The GIMP

Raster image manipulation with "The GIMP"

Do you know "The GIMP" ? That's a nice tool for manipulating raster images. It supports the mostly used raster formats like JPEG, TIFF, GBRUSH, PCD, PNG, PNM, TGA, XPM, .... It has a lot of features like other commercial products but its free. It is available for Windows and for a lot of UNIX systems. For more information you should look at its homepage.
For the Windows version you should look at GIMP for Windows.

For problems reading PostScript/PDF files with GIMP see below.

For questions about the following plug-ins

A simple effect performed with GIMP

See here how to get this from this

Additional plug-ins for the GIMP

Go to additional plug-ins for old versions of GIMP (GIMP V 1.0 or GIMP V 1.2).
For GIMP V 2.x there are no additional plug-ins available.

GIMP V 1.0 (out of date)

For the GIMP V 1.0 the following additional plug-ins are available in source for download:

File plug-ins to load/save different file formats:

Plug-ins to manipulate/create images:

GIMP V 1.2 (out of date)

For the GIMP V 1.2 the following additional plug-ins are available in source/executable for download:

GIMP V 2.x

No additional plug-ins available for GIMP V 2.x

Where to install additional plug-ins

Executables of the plug-ins must be copied to the plug-ins directory of GIMP. On UNIX this is usually /opt/gnome/lib/gimp/<version>/plug-ins. On Windows this is usually c:\programs\GIMP-<version>\lib\gimp\<version>\plug-ins.

Problems reading PostScript/PDF files

All current installations of GIMP include the PostScript/PDF plug-in which is required to read PostScript/PDF files with GIMP. The plug-in uses GhostScript or a GhostScript-library to do this. On Linux systems GhostScript is usually installed. For Windows, at least the installer from V 2.8.4 on, installs PostScript-support automatically. So GhostScript does not need to be installed separately.
For older Versions of Gimp, here is how to install GhostScript: Now you should be able to read PostScript and PDF files with GIMP.
Please note that you must not move the directories of ghostscript once the installation has finished. Registry entries have been created that allow ghostscript to find libraries.

Last revised: 2013-02-27

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