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General and technical information about the DeLorean

Manufacturer DeLorean Motor Company (Michigan)
Type DeLorean, aka DMC-12
Manufactured in Dunmurry, Belfast, N. Ireland
Years of production 1981-1982
Quantity about 8500 cars
Engine Rear mounted engine.
Aluminium alloy 90° V6 uneven-fire engine developed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo (PRV-V6, Euro-V6).
130 horsepower/96 kW at 5500 RPM.
6 cylinders.
Displacement 2849 ccm.
Acceleration 0-60 miles/h (about 100 km/h) in 10.5 sec.
Max. speed about 130 miles/h (209 km/h)
Transmission Manual 5 speed or automatic 3 speed
Tires Front: 195/60 HR 14 (23 psi, 1.6 bar)
Back: 235/60 HR 15 (30 psi, 2.1 bar)
Spare: T125/70 D15 (60 psi, 4.1 bar)
Dimensions Length / width / height: 4267 / 1988 / 1140 mm
Height with doors open: 1960 mm
Weight 1233 kg (with full fuel tank)
Frame Epoxy coated steel backbone center tunnel frame with front and rear wishbones
Body Structural composite glass reinforced plastic (GRP) covered with brushed stainless steel body panels (grade 304 stainless steel, thickness 0.8 mm)
Standard equipment Central door locking system
Heating and air conditioning system
Leather seats
Digital clock
Remote controlled side view mirrors
Electrically operated windows
Radio with cassette player
Steering column adjustment (up/down and fore/aft)
Gullwing doors
Color: grey (uncoated stainless steel)
Color of interior: grey or black


The frame is not made from stainless steel. It is just steel which has been epoxy-coated to prevent from rust. It is a center tunnel frame with front and rear wishbones. Between the front wishbone the fuel tank is located. Between the rear wishbone the engine is located.

DMC-12 frame


Onto the frame the body is mounted which is made of two pieces of glass reenforced plastic (GRP).

DMC-12 GRP body


The stainless steel panels are screwed onto the GRP-body for easy replacement. Only the stainless steel gullwing doors are a structural part of the body when closed. The GRP-body can only be seen through the rear side windows or when the luggage- or engine-compartment are open.

DMC-12 body panels

All images © 1981, DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd., Belfast, N. Ireland.

Last revised: 2008-01-02

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