A 24k gold plated DeLorean

This DeLorean (left) has been 24k gold plated by Edward Hillery, based on a Hot Wheels® DeLorean DMC-12 gold model (right) from the 2010 HW premiere™ series.

At first the model was painstakingly disassembled to separate the metal chassis from the plastic base, transparent windows and plastic interior. The stock gold paint was stripped off:

The dull finish was buffed to a chrome like finish:

Then the model was electroplated with copper as basis for the gold plating process:

The copper layer was polished to a mirror like finish:

Then the chassis was plated with 24 k gold and the model was reassembled:

So this is a kind of "Gold DeLorean" beside its famous 24k gold plated counterparts build by the Delorean Motor Company in the early 1980s (see here for more details).


Last revised: 2011-02-06.

Top image © 2011, P. Kirchgessner. Other images © 2011, Edward Hillery.