Audine, astronomical CCD imaging

Audine is a CCD camera that you can build yourself. It has been developed by AUDE (Association des Utilisateurs de Détecteurs Electroniques). Information about Audine, how to build and how to get the material is available on Audines homepage.
There is a CCD camera available with a slightly different design. For more informations about this Genesis CCD camera see here.
Some time when my Audine is finished, I hope I can show some astro images here. Currently the camera is under construction.

Building Audine
Waiting for the power supply and first electric tests.

Final assembly
Final assembly.

Audine Linux kernel module V 1.01

Here is a Linux kernel module and a corresponding testprogram to run the Audine camera under Linux kernels 2.0.x and 2.2.x.

The module is just for control of the camera. The testprogram just for aquiring images and saving as a FITS-file. Image processing is not build in these programs. This should be done by separate software. Hopefully Linux will have some easy usable image software that can handle 16 bit grayscale images soon.

Download 21KB source and documentation

Audine Linux kernel module V 2.12

The kernel module V 1.01 has been modified by Fausto Manenti. New features are: Note: The test program that comes with the module uses different options than the one for module V 1.01. You can't use it with Skip Rye's TCL-frontend.

Changes for Audine module V 2.11 to V 2.12:

Download 28KB source, documentation. If you want to run the module in a simulation mode (reads an image from file), download 320KB testfile image.raw.tar.gz

Now you can use the Audine camera with GCCD. See Dave Schmenk's homepage for details about GCCD. It is a tool to control different CCD cameras for astronomical use.

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